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The chal­lenge: can you improve world-​class cre­ativ­ity of Bullipedia?

The genius of elBulli, the best restau­rant in the world, led by leg­endary chef Fer­ran Adrià is being con­densed in Bul­li­pedia.
Bul­li­pedia is a repos­i­tory of all the gas­tro­nomic knowl­edge of elBulli as well as a gem of gas­tro­nomic prac­tice. It is also a big project to put tech­nol­ogy and design at the cen­ter of a cre­ativ­ity rev­o­lu­tion. Bul­li­pedia will be also an engine of cre­ativ­ity meth­ods and oper­a­tors to be shared and used by chefs but also by other cre­ative pro­fes­sion­als in the world. When think­ing about Bul­li­pedia the team of elBulli thought that there is just too much tal­ent around the world to go ahead alone.
So they invite you to start Hack­ing Bul­li­pedia while it is being built. Hack­ing­Bul­li­pedia is the first edi­tion of Bul­li­pedia Global Chal­lenge. Help Adrià and Tele­fónica I+D build the most advanced com­pendium of cre­ative knowl­edge. This year the focus is to develop appli­ca­tions that help Bul­li­pedia grow into the best orga­nized knowl­edge base in the world.

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Email us : info@​hackingbullipedia.​org

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