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First reg­is­ter here and we will keep you updated about the impor­tant dates and upcom­ing events. Look for a pro­fes­sor at your uni­ver­sity and other fel­low stu­dents and reg­is­ter as a team. If you are not affil­i­ated with a Uni­ver­sity or Research Cen­ter you still can gather peo­ple that can do the work at the same world-​class level. A team can be very small: you decide whether you want to work with other cre­ative minds or go solo. In any case, don’t for­get that most of Bul­li­pedia chal­lenges require an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary approach and solu­tion. From the moment you reg­is­ter as a team you can start to work on pro­to­typ­ing your pro­posal. Set up a ses­sion of brain­storm­ing and ideation and invite peo­ple. You can use posters in the Media Kit to let your poten­tial part­ners know about your gatherings.

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Email us : info@​hackingbullipedia.​org

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