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Chal­lenge Scenarios

Sce­nar­ios are high level char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of needs that appeared in build­ing Bul­li­pedia. If you reg­is­ter as a par­tic­i­pant, you will be able to access their full descriptions.

Sce­nario 1: Image search and negotiation

Sce­nario 2: Spe­cial­ized translation

Sce­nario 3: Beyond char­ac­ter recognition

Sce­nario 4: What are the prepa­ra­tions and ingre­di­ents that char­ac­ter­ize a gas­tro­nom­i­cal culture?

Sce­nario 5: What are the most influ­ent recipes on the inter­net at any given moment? How these recipes have evolved over time?

Sce­nario 6: Given visual infor­ma­tion about prod­uct or com­bi­na­tions of prod­ucts how can we iden­tify infor­ma­tion about its taste?

Sce­nario 7: How can one dis­cover and visu­al­ize the geo­graph­i­cal and time dis­tri­b­u­tion of a recipe?

Sce­nario 8: How can you define visu­al­iza­tion tech­niques for the con­tents of Bul­li­pedia that work well across platforms?

Sce­nario 9: How can you auto­mate con­tent cura­tion of a given dis­ci­pline, prefer­ably gas­tron­omy and creativity?

These sce­nar­ios are just given as ori­en­ta­tions and are not meant to be lim­it­ing in any form. They are not the only pos­si­ble ones. Use them as inspi­ra­tion and come up with your own ones. Con­tes­tants are free to imag­ine and pro­vide solu­tions for other sce­nar­ios within the gen­eral chal­lenge of using the inter­net to help build Bullipedia.

Pos­si­ble technologies

These are the pos­si­ble tech­nolo­gies you may use, improve, or com­bine to address the Hack­ing­Bul­li­pedia Chal­lenge (you can add what­ever tech­nol­ogy you think may be adequate)

If you reg­is­ter as a par­tic­i­pant you will have access to the descrip­tion of the extended sce­nar­ios. Here you have detailed instruc­tions about how to do it

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